Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Late Christmas Story

I know it is a little past the time for Christmas stories but this one has been on my heart and I want to share :)

This past December my son's 4th grade class took a field trip to watch "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever."  The class had read the book together and they were all so excited to go watch the play at the Loisville Center for the Arts.  Because I am the room mom for my son's classroom, I was asked to go along. Yippee!  I love field trips!

As the date got closer, I realized I would have to spend the day at the play with the students and then come back to school and host the classroom Christmas party...busy day to say the least.  The night before the big day, my son and I watched the news as they were predicting heavy snow.  I told my son, "looks like there won't be school tomorrow."  His response, "Oh yes there will.  I'm going to pray right now." And off he went.  I was thinking I hated for him to be disappointed when there wouldn't be school (oh me of little faith). 

Even though it snowed, sure enough there was school the next day.  Although there was a two hour delay.  Because of the delay, this meant my son's class was going to miss their show time.  His teacher called me and said she had tried to switch show times but unless other schools cancelled they had no space.  She said the theatre would call her in the next 30 minutes if there were any openings but it would be extremely unlikely.  She also told me by that time their bus driver would be gone.  I told my son, "Sorry Bub, we will not be making it to the play today."  His response, "Oh yes we will" and he prayed all the way to school. 

When we arrived at the school, his teaher said she had not received a phone call so they would not be going.  Ethan was disappointed but said he was going to continue to pray.  I stayed in the classroom for awhile and helped the teacher change plans since the students would be in school all day after all. 

As Ethan's friends came in he explained to them what was going on and asked them to pray.  As I sat grading papers in the back, I watched as several students sat with their heads bowed.  I was tremendously proud of my boy and moved nearly to tears to see what was happening. I was also upset they were going to be very disappointed.  This play seemed to mean so much to them.  I said a quick little prayer, "If there is anyway Lord......." 

When I finished with my work, I talked to Ethan's teacher and she said they definitly would not be going.  There had been no call and their bus driver for the trip was gone.  The students overheard and there was a sigh across the classroom. As I left, I noticed my son's head was still bowed. 

I went all the way across town and thought I would spend the day with my nieces.  The moment I walked in the door to my sisters house I received a call on my cell.  It was Ethan's teacher.  The theatre had been trying to call but had been calling the wrong number.  Just enough seats had opened up to allow there to be enough seating for our students.  The teacher said she would have to see about a bus because she thought it was too late.  When she went to the principal, the principal was out in the parking lot talking to........none other than the bus driver that was supposed to take the kids (who also happens to be an elder at our church!).  One of the other buses had got stuck in the snow and so this bus driver had gone to pick them up and had just dropped them off. 

Everything was lined up!  Crazy!  Miraculous!  I was so excited for my son and his friends.  God's hand had been in everything that day and He answered the prayers of his faithful one's.  I was rather sore at myself for not standing with my son in his prayer.

Now I had 10 minutes to get to the other side of the county...well...I did it in 15 (maybe just a little speeding involved).  I hopped in the bus and everyone cheered.  We were on our way.  A quick stop at McDonald's and then into the play.  We all got into the building and settled.

As I watched the play it was hard for me not to cry.  I had read the book before but watching the play had new meaning.  As the Herdman children (a rascally, bullying, bad-mannered family) took over the church Christmas play they found the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ.  I could not help but think this is just what God had done for Ethan's class that day.  They had found the true meaning of Christmas and the power of our Lord Jesus.  Thank you Lord.  This was definitly the best Christmas pagent ever!

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